Grosvenor Square, Southampton, England

Statue in Grosvenor Square, Southampton of Admiral Louis Mountbatten d.1979

Memorial: M6439
Larger than lifesize bronze statue of Mountbatten on a pedestal in the Royal Navy uniform of Admiral of the Fleet (deck uniform, with admiral's peaked cap, and short-sleeved 'tropics' shirt). In front, a rough-hewn stone slab with a polished face which holds the text cut into its surface. Mountbatten lived in nearby Broadlands House.

King's Chapel, Gibraltar, Rest of the World

Wall tablet in King’s Chapel, Gibraltar commemorating Captain William Paget RN d. 1794

Memorial: M5804
Sarcophagus marked ‘S.M. HON. WM. PAGET’. The inscription tablet below, flanked by winged, draped male figures holding inverted torches. Signed: 'Richd Westmacott Jnr London'.