Memorial: M5020

Memorial at Thursley, Surrey commemorating an anonymous sailor, murdered by robbers at Hindhead 1786


Thursley, Surrey, England


'In Memory of / A generous but unfortunate Sailor / Who was barbarously murder'd on Hindhead / On Sept 14th 1786 / By three Villains / After he had liberally treated them / And promised them his farther Assistance / On the Road to Portsmouth / When pitying Eyes to see my Grave shall come, / And with a generous Tear bedew my tomb, / Here shall they read my melancholy Fate, / With Murder and Barbarity complete / In perfect Health, and in the Flow'r of Age, / I fell a Victim to three Ruffians Rage; / On bended knees I mercy strove t'obtain, / Their Thirst of Blood made all entreaties vain, / No dear Relation or still dearer Friend / Weeps my hard Lot, or miserable End; / Yet o'er my sad Remains my Name unknown / A generous Public have inscrib'd this Stone'


Description: Carved with a relief depicting the murder.
Type: Memorial
Artists: R. Morton [artist], J Eade [mason]


Bibliography: 'AA Illustrated Road Book of England and Wales' 1965 (London 4th Edition) pl. 330.