Memorial: M3138

Gravestone in the Old English Cemetery, Livorno, Italy commemorating John Wood d. 1653


Old English Cemetery, Via Giuseppe Verdi, Livorno, Italy, Rest of the World


'D.O.M. / CONDITUR HOC LAPIDE / JOH. WOOD ANGLUS / NAVIS PELLEGRINI CAPITANEUS / INSIGNE PIETATE ET SAPIENTIA ET FORTITUDINE VIR / QUI DEI TIMORE ET AMORE PATRIAE INFLAMMATUS / VITAM NAVEMQUE AMISIT / IN INFELICI ILLO PRAELIO ADVERSOS BATAVOS / IN HOC PORTU / PRID. ID MAR MDCLII'. [Translation] 'John Wood Englishman is buried under this stone, captain of the ship 'Peregrine' a man distinguished for piety, wisdom and courage, who feared God and was inspired by love of his country. He lost his ship and his life in an unfortunate battle with the Dutch and died in this port 14 March 1652 (old style).'


Description: Hipped grave slab, possibly a 19th century replacement.
Type: Gravestone
Vessel: Peregrine


Battle of Leghorn

Event Date


Event Category

1652-1654 First Anglo-Dutch war


Wood, John
Age: 32
Date of Death: 14/3/1653
Cause of Death: War Casualty
Rank / Occupation: Master
Organisation: unknown


Notes: Six English merchantmen had been blockaded in Livorno. They accepted naval command under Commodore Henry Appleton and made an unsuccessful attempt to break out before reinforcements arrived. Wood was wounded in an action with the Dutch and died ten days later.
Bibliography: Michael M . Wood 'John Wood, Master of the Peregrine and his forgotten Italian Grave', 'Genealogists' Magazine' vol 32, pp. 304-310 (London, Dec 2017)