Memorial: M6606

Memorial plaque in Culross, Scotland commemorating  Rear-Admiral Thomas Cochrane d. 1860


Culross, Fife, Scotland


"Cochrane Haven is so named as a tribute to Admiral Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860), who spent his youth in Culross. he entered the Royal Navy in 1793 and fought in the Napoleonic Wars. He served on many ships, two of which-HMS Barfleur and HMS Queen Charlotte-were commanded by Admiral Lord Keith of nearby Tuliallan estate. After a period of service as an MP for Westminster, he left Britain and is acknowledged as a hero in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Greece, all countries he helped to independence.

In 1828, Admiral Cochrane returned to Great Britain and spent many years in marine engineering research. He was also Commander-in-Chief of the North America and West Indies Station from 1848-1851.

He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

This plaque, placed here in 1995 replaces an original installed in November 1939 by HMS 'Cochrane', 'Rosyth', and the National Trust for Scotland."


Description: Simple wall plaque in black
Type: Plaque
Date Erected: 1995
Vessel: HMS 'Speedy', HMS 'Pallas', HMS 'Imperieuse', HMS 'Arab'

Event Category

1803-1815 Napoleonic War


Cochrane, Thomas
Age: 84
Date of Death: 1860
Cause of Death: unknown
Rank / Occupation: Rear Admiral
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Thomas Cochrane remains one of Britain's most distinguished and controversial Admirals