Memorial: M6526

Memorial at St Mary’s Church, St Fagans to Frederick Arthur Boore d. 1936


St Mary's Church, St Fagans, Glamorgan, Wales


'Frederick Arthur Boore, Master Mariner and Explorer. Born 5th Jan 1853. Died 18th Dec 1936. Also Martha Ann Boore, his wife. Born 4th August 1878. Died 23rd August 1951. Also their daughter Winifred Mary Boore. Born 12th April 1901. Died Oct 3rd 1901.'


Type: Gravestone
Position: Churchyard


Boore, Frederick Arthur
Age: 83
Date of Death: 18/12/1936
Cause of Death: unknown
Rank / Occupation: explorer
Organisation: unknown


Bibliography: From a transcript made by Glamorgan Family History Society.
Recorder: David J. Wickham; D Saunders 1993

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