Memorial: M6521

John Williams d. 1688

Memorial in St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen to John Williams d. 1688, who served with Captain Morgan Kempthorne, of the ‘Kingfisher’


St Peter's Church, Carmarthen, Wales


‘Near this Place / lyes the Body of John WILLIAMS / youngest Son of NICHOLAS WILLIAMS / of RHYD-ODWYNNE in this County / Esq / His Early Inclinations Carry’d him to the / Service of his Prince att Land & Sea / In the last at Reformade to Capt KEMPTHORNE / to whose Memory Honor is due from his Countrey / he Behav’d himselfe w’th Resolution worthy of a Gent / in an Action Eminant for its Inequality of 7 Algerines / ag. One single ship the Kgfisher who Maintained the sea / Disabl’d to Pursue/ when Further Occasion was Deny’d him to Prosecute his / inclinations he retired into his own Countrey where he / liv’d an honest man and Died a Good Christian in / the communion of the Blest Church, the church of ENGLAND / Anno Domin 1687/8 Aetatis Suae 29 / this Monument an Afectionate Bro.r. Caus’d / to be Erected in Gratitude to his Memory.’


Description: Cartouche, surmounted by an urn. The inscription surrounded by a laurel wreath, scrolls and flowers.
Type: Wall tablet
Materials: Stone
Vessel: Kingfisher


Williams, John
Age: 25
Date of Death: 1688
Cause of Death: unknown
Rank / Occupation: unknown
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Refers to the 'Kingfisher' action 2 June 1681.
Recorder: Professor Norman Hammond & Dr J. L. Wilson 2014
Photographer: Professor Norman Hammond