Memorial: M6500

Memorial at Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford, Munster, Republic of Ireland commemorating Captain William McCleverty, RN d. 1779


Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford, Munster, Republic of Ireland


'This Monument is erected to the Memory of Wm McCLEVERTY Esqr. of the County of Antrim He was one of those who accompanied Commodore, (afterwards LORD) ANSON, in his Memorable Expedition round the World; where his Naval Abilities, early recommended him to that Nobleman's Friendship: Under whose Patronage; he was raised to the rank of Post Captain in the Royal Navy; in which Character, he added lustre to the British Flag; And achieved eminent Services to his King and Country. In private Life, he was eminent for every Virtue; Firm to his word, and steady to his Trust; Inflexible to ill and obstinately Just; After a Life devoted to his Country; he died In an honourable, old Age; lamented by A numerous and respectable acquaintance At WATERFORD, the 10th of December 1779 aged 63 years.'


Description: Carved with a warship and plants including palm.
Type: Wall tablet
Position: Interior
Materials: White marble


McCleverty, William
Age: 63
Date of Death: 10/12/1779
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Post Captain
Organisation: Royal Navy