Memorial: M6388

Gravestone in Talland, Cornwall dedicated to Robert Mark d. 1802


St Tallanus' Church, Talland, Cornwall, England


'ERECTED / TO THE MEMORY OF / ROBERT MARK / late of Polperro, who unfortunately / was shot at sea the 24th day of Jan. / in the Year of our LORD GOD / 1802, in the 40th Year of his Age / in prime of life, / most suddenly, Sad tidings to relate, / here view my utter destiny, / and pity my sad state. / I by a shot which rapid flew, / Was instantly shot dead. / Lord forbid the offender who / My precious blood did shed, / Grant him to rest, and forgive me / All I have doen amiss: / And that I may be rewarded / With everlasting Bliss.'


Description: Headstone.

Type: Gravestone
Position: Churchyard
Materials: Slate


mark, Robert
Age: 40
Date of Death: 24/1/1802
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation:


Notes: A smuggler of the same name was sentenced in May 1799 when the smuggling vessel 'Lottery' was captured.