Memorial: M6364

Headstone at Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff commemorating William Cleverdon d. 1924 HM Customs


Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff, Wales


'In affectionate remembrance of / William Cleverdon / who died May 1st 1876 / at Dudley Street Docks, / Aged 45 years / My presence shall go with thee / And I will give thee rest / Also of / Mary wife of the above / Who died Dec 30th 1904 / Aged 72 years / By grace ye are saved / Also William / beloved husband of William Ann Cleverdon / And son of the above named / late chief preventative officer of / H.M. Customs & Excise / who died April 4th 1924 / Aged 62 years / In Thy presence is fullness of joy.'


Description: Headstone.
Type: Gravestone
Materials: Sandstone


Cleverdon, William
Age: 62
Date of Death: 4/4/1924
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Preventative Officer
Organisation: HM Customs


Recorder: David J. Wickham