Memorial: M5595

Memorial at All Saints Church, Morston, Norfolk commemorating William Luce, d. 1834


All Saints Church, Moreston, Norfolk, England


‘In / Memory / of / Wm LUCE, SON OF WM AND / ANNA LUCE. / drown’d from a perventive [sic] boat, / Febry 26th 1834, leaving a tender / Mother, to lament for an only son. / Aged 22. // Death no warning to me gave, / But quickly sent me to my grave; / When far from friends remote from home / The depths receive my last sad moan; / Drown’d without a tender mothers care / To soothe my cold heart, nor hear my / parting prayer.'


Description: Headstone with lightly carved bird and masted ship above the text
Type: Headstone
Position: Churchyard


Luce, William
Age: 22
Date of Death: 26/2/1834
Cause of Death: Maritime accident
Rank / Occupation: Unknown
Organisation: Unknown


Photographer: P Lacey

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