Memorial: M5398

Gravestone at Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man commemorating Joseph Curphey RN d. 1826


St Maughold's Church, Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man


'Sacred / to the memory of / JOSEPH CURPHEY of Ramsey / many years a master in the / Royal Navy who departed this / life on 22nd of March 1826 / aged 59 years / also / in memory of ANN CURPHEY / relict of the above interred / the 15th of March 1840 / aged 75 years / the burial place of Jo's & / ANN CURPHEY of this Parish'


Type: Gravestone
Position: Churchyard


Curphey, Joseph
Age: 59
Date of Death: 22/3/1826
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Master RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: TNA PROB 11/1711/332