Memorial: M5262

Gravestone at All Saint’s Church, Jakarta, Indonesia commemorating Captain James Bowen RN d. 1812


All Saint's Church, Jakarta, Indonesia, Rest of the World


'James Bowen / Captain of His Majesty's Ship Phoenix / 1782-1812 / In consequence of a Disease / brought on by / his exertion at an attack / on a powerful Pirate / at Sambasse.'


Type: Gravestone
Vessel: HMS Phoenix


Bowen, James
Age: 30
Date of Death: 26/12/1812
Cause of Death: Infectious disease
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Gravestone fixed to a wall having been moved from another church. The pirate's name was Pangerang Anom. His stronghold was attacked on 15 November 1812 by a British force led by Bowen. After coming under heavy enemy fire, they withdrew. Bowen's report in NMM manuscript collection MKH/122. Bowen returned to Batavia where he died on 26 December 1812. See log ADM/2669 26 December 'Departed this life Jas Bowen Junr Esq Captain sent the officers and 12 men on shore to attend his funeral ... 6.00 fired 30 minute guns during the interment of the Captain'. Log signed by Edward Manday Senior Lieutenant and Acting Captain.
Photographer: Ruth Mary Hall 2007