Memorial: M5104

Memorial in the Old English Cemetery, Livorno commemorating John Corne d. 1718


Old English Cemetery, Via Giuseppe Verdi, Livorno, Italy, Rest of the World


[Front] 'John Corne Commander of / the Prince of Wales lies / buried under this marble tomb / A.D. 1718 / alte virtus animosa cadit' [Back] 'Joanni Corne / Juveni fortissimo / qui vix puber ad arma/ in conflictu cum navi Hispanica multo / cum suorum luctu et Patriae damno / morte immature An viz Aetatis suae XXVI / Novembris XIII MDCCXVIII praeruptus / hic universae Resurrectionis Tubam expectat' [A noble virtue perishes bravely [back] To John Corn a young man of exceptional courage who took up arms when barely an adolescent, snatched away by premature death in battle against a Spanish ship, to the great grief of his family and loss for his Country, on 13 November 1718 at the age of 26. Here he awaits to hear the trumpet of the Universal Resurrection]


Description: Arms: a chevron and in base a garb.
Type: Tomb
Materials: Marble
Vessel: Prince of Wales


1714-1738 Inter-War Period


Corne, John
Age: 26
Date of Death: 1718
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Master


Notes: Translation Silvia Bozzato.
Bibliography: G.G. Milner-Gibson Cullum; Francis Campbell MaCauley 'The inscriptions in the old British cemetery of Leghorn' (Leghorn, 1906) p.6.