Memorial: M4796

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, London commemorating Admiral Sir Charles Wager RN d. 1743


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'To the Memory of Sir CHARLES WAGER, Kt / Admiral of the White / First Commissioner of the Admiralty, / and Privy counsellor: / A Man of great Natural Talents, / improved by Industry & long Experience; / who bore the highest Commands, / and passed through the Greatest Employments; / with Credit to himself & honour to his Country. / He was, in his Private Life, / Humane, temperate just & Bountifull / In Publick Station, / Valiant, Prudent, Wise & Honest; / Easy of Access to all; / plain and unafffected in his manners; / Steady & Resolute in his Conduct; / so remarkably happy in his presence of Mind / that no danger ever discomposed him / Esteemed and favoured by his King; / Beloved & Honoured by his Country, / He dyed: 24 May 1743. Aged 77' [Under the relief] 'The Destroying & Taking the SPANISH GALLEONS A:D:1708 [sic]'


Description: Fame sits holding a trumpet and the portrait medallion of the admiral which is also supported by the infant Hercules. On her right is an urn and at her feet a cannon and anchor. Wager's arms on a pyramid behind. Below the inscription, a relief of Wager's action off Cartagena 28 May 1708.
Type: Monument
Position: North transept
Materials: Marble
Date Erected: 1747
Artists: Peter Scheemakers

Event Category

1701-1714 War of the Spanish Succession


Wager, Charles
Age: 77
Date of Death: 24/5/1743
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Admiral of the White
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Medallion after portrait by Kneller 1710. The relief based on a painting by Samuel Scott owned by Scheemakers - NMM Collections BHC0348. Models exhibited at the Free Society of Artists 1765. Design at Sir John Soanes Museum AL31 E19. Erected by Francis Gashby 'In gratitude to his great patron A.D. 1747’.

Bibliography: Ingrid Roscoe 'Peter Scheemakers', 'The Sixty-first volume of the Walpole Society' p. 215 (1999); 'Gentleman's Magazine' p. 363 (Aug 1747); C. Dodsley 'London and its environs described' (London,1761) p. 95. Richard Kingzett 'A Catalogue of the works of Samuel Scott', 'The Walpole Society 1980-1982, p. 29.
Recorder: A.J. Richardson
Photographer: B. Tomlinson