Memorial: M4793

Monument in Westminster Abbey commemorating Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Warren RN d. 1752


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'Sacred to the Memory / of Sir PETER WARREN / Knight of the Bath / Vice Admiral of the Red Squadron / of the British Fleet / and Member of Parliament / for the City and Liberty of Westminster. / He derived his Descent from an antient Family in IRELAND, / his Fame and Honours from his Virtues and Abilities. / How eminently these were displayed, / with what Vigilance and Spirit they were exerted / in the various services wherein he had the Honour to Command, / and the Happiness to Conquer, / will be more properly recorded in the Annals of / GREAT BRITAIN. / On this tablet Affection with truth must say / that deservedly esteemed in Private Life / and universally, renowned for his publick conduct, / The judicious and gallant officer / possessed all the amiable qualities of the Friend, / the Gentleman and the Christian. / But the ALMIGHTY / whom alone he feared; / whose Gracious Protection he had often experienced, / was pleased to remove him from a Life of Honour, / to an eternity of Happiness / on the 29th day of July 1752 in the 49th year of his Age. / SUSANNAH his Afflicted Wife caused / this Monument to be erected'


Description: To the right, Hercules is placing Warren's bust on a pedestal. On the left Navigation with a withered olive branch, is seated on a cornucopia and 'regards the bust 'with a mixed look of veneration and melancholy'.
Type: Free standing monument
Position: North transept
Materials: White marble
Artists: Louis Francois Roubiliac


Warren, Peter
Age: 48
Date of Death: 29/7/1752
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Vice Admiral of the Red
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Buried Warrenstown, Co Meath, Ireland. Roubiliac's second wife nee Miss Crosby reputedly sat for 'Britannia'. A pyramid with Warren's arms, formerly behind the monument was removed to show the medieval screen.

Bibliography: 'Biographical Memoir of the Late Sir Peter Warren, K.B. Vice-Admiral of the Red Squadron', 'Naval Chronicle' vol.12, pp. 257-275 (London, 1804); 'London Magazine' vol xxvi, pp. 552-3
Recorder: A.J. Richardson 1980
Photographer: B. Tomlinson