Memorial: M4786

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London commemorating Captain Philip de Saumarez RN d. 1747


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'Sacred to the memory of Philip de Sausmarez Esq, one of the few whose lives ought rather to be measured by their actions rather than their days. From sixteen to thirty seven years of age he serv'd in the Navy and was often surrounded by Dangers and difficulties unparrall'd always approving himself and able active and gallant officer. He went out a Lieut on board his Majesty's ship ye Centurion under the auspitious conduct of Commodore Anson in his expedition to the South Seas. He was commanding officer of the said ship when she was driven from her moorings on the Isle of TINIAN. In the year 1746 being Capt of the NOTTINGHAM a 60 gun ship he (then alone) attacked and took the MARS a French ship of 64 guns. In the first engagement of the following year when Admiral Anson defeated and took a squadron of French men of war & India men he had an honourable share and in the second under Admiral Hawke when the enemy after a long and obstinate resistance was again routed in pursuing two ships that were making their escape he gloriously but unfortunately fell. He was the son of Matth. de Saumarez of the Island of Guernsey by Ann Durrell of the Island of Jersey his wife. He was born Nov.17th 1710. Killed Octobr 14th 1747 buried in the Old Church at Plymouth with all the honours due to his distinguished merits. This monument is erected out of gratitude and affection by his brothers and sisters'


Description: Draped oval portrait unveiled by a cherub, another is weeping. Relief of naval action below.
Type: Wall monument
Position: North aisle
Materials: Marble
Artists: Henry Cheere
Vessel: HMS 'Nottingham'


Battle off Cape Finisterre

Event Category

1739-1748 War of the Austrian Succession


Saumarez, Philip
Age: 37
Date of Death: 14/10/1747
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: The relief shows 'Nottingham', 'Yarmouth' and 'Eagle' in pursuit of 'Intrepide' and 'Tonnant'. Drawing of the monument in the V & A K.A. Esdaile- MSL4462-1977 (National Art Library) 'Relief good, decoration overdone'. Engraving see-PAD2767.

Bibliography: K.A. Esdaile 'English Church Monuments' (London, 1946); 'Naval Chronicle' vol. 29, p. 496 and frontispiece, Plate CCCXCIII (London, 1813).
Recorder: B. Tomlinson, 1982
Photographer: B. Tomlinson, 1982

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