Memorial: M4761

Memorial window at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London, dedicated to Admiral and General at Sea, Robert Blake, Commonwealth Navy, d. 1657


St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London, England


[Scenes from the life of Blake] 'Admiral Blake at Malaga / I will have the whole world know that none but / an Englishman shall chastise and Englishman', 'Admiral Blake's body / rowed up the Thames in state from / Greenwich to Westminster Abbey', 'Admiral Blake's body / re-interred in St Margaret's / Churchyard September 1661'


Description: The main lights show:- the archangel Michael, Christ walking on the water inscribed 'Lord Save Me', an angel inscribed 'Angel of the Sea'. The predella depicts scenes from the life of Blake.
Type: Window
Position: North aisle east end
Materials: Stained glass
Date Erected: 1888
Artists: Edward Frampton

Event Category

1652-1654 First Anglo-Dutch War


Blake, Robert
Age: 58
Date of Death: 7/8/1657
Cause of Death: War wounds
Rank / Occupation: Admiral and General at Sea
Organisation: Commonwealth Navy


Notes: Originally buried in Henry VII Chapel, then exhumed in 1661 and reburied in the churchyard.