Memorial: M4676

Memorial in Warblington, Hampshire, commemorating William Bean d. 1758


Church of St Thomas A Becket, Warblington, Hampshire, England


'To the memory of William son of John & Sarah Bean / That lost his life by some powder / taking fire in his Majesty's ship / Torbay in Portsmouth Harbour / September the 27th 1758 Aged 20 years. Unhappy late impressed and forced was I / from every Friend to Fight the enemy / yet harder fate by Strange Explosion sent / from fire to Water mark the dire event: / Two Elements conspire to set me free / Lord from life's Tempest rest my Soul with thee / Two [?] more of their CHILDREN lays here Infants'


Description: Carving of warship above inscription.
Type: Gravestone
Materials: Limestone
Vessel: HMS Torbay


Bean, William
Age: 20
Date of Death: 27/9/1758
Cause of Death: Maritime accident
Rank / Occupation:
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Photograph showing stone in much less eroded condition in Morton Nance Collection, Prints & Drawings BOX 1396. It is signed 'Frederick H. Crossley FSA' and stamped '19, Shavington Avenue, Chester, England' (Frederick Herbert Crossley (1868-1955). Original stone very worn. 'Warship Histories' gives the date of the explosion in the fore magazine of 'Torbay' as 27th August 1757. The vessel was not lost as a result of the accident and sailed for the African Coast in October.
Bibliography: ADM 33/593 Pay book of 'Torbay. William Bean, AB came onboard on 24 June 1758 and was discharged dead on 28 September 'drowned'.
Recorder: B. Tomlinson, Daphne Meryon