Memorial: M4479

Memorial at St James’s Church, Toxteth, Liverpool to Edward Grayson d. 1804  killed in a duel


St James's Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, England


'Ed. Grayson of Liverpool Shipwright, whose zeal in the defence of insulted innocence caused him to fall a sacrifice to the laws of false honour whereby the injured are unhappily compelled to expose themselves to destruction at the call of the agressor: died 4th March 1804 age 46'



Grayson, Edward
Age: 46
Date of Death: 4/3/1804
Cause of Death: Killed in a duel
Rank / Occupation: Shipbuildert


Notes: From a MS in Liverpool Record Office compiled by James Gibson d. 1886, vol. 3, p.16. Killed in a duel with Lt. William Sparling 10th Dragoons.
Recorder: Captain J. P. Brand