Memorial: M4452

Memorial at Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool commemorating Captain Charles William Lees d. 1891 in the loss of the ‘Utopia’


Toxteth Park Cemetery, Toxteth, Liverpool, England


'Sacred to the memory of Emma Isabella Humble Leighton, died November 6th 1857, aged 9 years. Also Mary Leighton, Mother of the above, who died 28 Sept. 1872, aged 66. Also Elizabeth Lees, daughter of the above, born 14 November 1846, died 13 April 1876. Also Robert Gibson Leighton, Second son of William Leighton and the above Mary Leighton, born 7th October 1842, died 24th. April 1879, on board the S.S. 'AFRICA', on his way home from Lagos to Liverpool, and was on the same day buried at sea off Whydah. Also Captain CHARLES WILLIAM LEES (Second Officer), grandson of Captain William Humble Leighton,of this port,born 2nd April 1861 lost in Gibraltar Bay through the foundering of S.S. 'UTOPIA' 17 March 1891'


Type: Headstone
Position: H481
Vessel: SS Africa, SS Utopia


Lees, Charles William
Age: 29
Date of Death: 17/3/1891
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation: Second Officer
Organisation: Anchor Line
Leighton, Robert Gibson
Date of Death: 24/4/1879
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation:


Notes: SS 'Utopia' on a voyage from Trieste to New York carrying Italian emigrants when she sank after a collision with HMS 'Anson' off Gibraltar with the loss of 582 lives.
Recorder: Martin Davies 1985