Memorial: M3996

Triumphal arch at Shugborough Park commemorating Admiral of The Fleet, George Lord Anson d. 1762


Shugborough Park, Shugborough, Staffordshire, England




Description: Two portrait busts stand on sarcophagi within a colonade above the arch, military trophies on a plinth between them. The plinth has a relief frieze of four anchors suspended on a chain and is decorated with the protruding bow and stern of a Roman war galley impying that military success in based on maritime supremacy. The two medallions on the arch celebrate Anson's naval reforms and active service. One is a version of the reverse of the medal struck in 1747 to commemorate the battle of Finisterre and the circumnavigation of 1744.
Type: Triumphal arch
Materials: Portland stone
Artists: James Stuart, Peter Scheemakers

Event Category

1739-1748 War of the Austrian Succession


Anson, George
Age: 65
Date of Death: 6/6/1762
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Admiral of the Fleet
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Copied from the arch of Hadrian at Athens. Erected by Anson's elder brother as a memorial. Anson Papers, Staffordshire CRO, D.615 (S)/1/61.
Bibliography: Ingrid Roscoe 'James Athenian Stuart and the Scheemakers Family', 'Apollo' vol. cxxvi, pp.178-184 (Sept 1987); 'Dictionary of National Biography'; Ingrid Roscoe 'Peter Scheemakers' pp. 275-6 (1999), 'The Sixty-first volume of the Walpole Society'; Patrick Eyres 'Fleets, forests and follies, supremacy of the sea and of the eye' 'New Arcadian Journal' 1993.
Recorder: B. Tomlinson
Photographer: B. Tomlinson