Memorial: M3928

Memorial in North Front Cemetery, Gibraltar commemorating Henry Timpson RMLI d. 1859


North Front Cemetery, Gibraltar, Rest of the World


'...Henry Timpson, Captain of Royal Marine Light Infantry of H.M.S. Marlborough, died 22nd November 1859, aged 40' [not exact] 'He served his country for 24 years having been engaged in China in 1842 and was present throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854-55 including the Siege and Fall of Sebastopol and battles of Balaclava and Inkerman...'


Type: Gravestone
Vessel: HMS Marlborough


First China War: Crimea War

Event Date

1839-1842; 1853-1856

Event Category

19th century conflicts in Asia


Timpson, Henry
Age: 40
Date of Death: 22/11/1859
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Captain
Organisation: Royal Marine Light Infantry


Recorder: B.D. & G.L. Metherell 1985

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