Memorial: M3862

Monument in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent commemorating Captain Sir Charles Molloy RN d. 1760


Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent, England


'Sir Charles Molloy Esqr. Lord of this Manor / Late Captain of his Majesty's ship Royal Caroline. / Sometime a Director of Greenwich Hospital / An Elder Brother of the Trinity House; and one of / His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Kent &c. / After a long and faithful service of some sixty years in / the Royal Navy; where he served very young with King William's Letter, in the latter part, of his War with France, and served in that and all Queen Anne's war, he gradually rose / and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant after the hard fought battle of Malaga in the / Mediterranean with the French fleet in the year 1704 (being then in the Royal Oak) who had / a large share in that days action / in which post he continued all the year 1710 when he was/ by the Earl of Berkeley (who then commanded the Fleet) appointed captain of his Majesty's yacht the William & Mary in which and afterwards in the Mary yacht he served until the fourth / day of April 1742 when his Majesty George II / by his express council was pleased to appoint / him post Captain in the Royal Caroline and afterwards on a voyage royal of his to Holland / on the twenty seventh day of April 1743 / his Majesty being on board at Gravesend / and the / Royal Standard hoisted, he was pleased as a further mark of his royal favour to order him the honour / of Knighthood, in all of which employs, he ever discharged his Duty, as became an officer and a Seaman. / He was twice married, his first wife was ANNE relict of ISAAC ELTON Esq, son of Sir ABRHAM ELTON Bart / of the City of Bristol; he afterwards married ELLEN eldest daughter of JOHN COOKE Esq of Swifts / near CRANBROOK in the County of Kent, he left no issue and departed this life August the 24th 1760 / aetatis suae 76', 'Ens entium miserere mihi', 'Ellen Molloy who departed this life the 17 of October 1763 aged 54 / years'


Description: Pyramidal, above the inscription a cherub holds a full face portrait flanked by a globe, compass and naval trophies. The upper part consists of cherubs heads in clouds incribed: 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Type: Monument
Materials: Marble
Artists: Henry Cheere

Event Category

1672-1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War


Molloy, Charles
Age: 76
Date of Death: 24/8/1760
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


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