Memorial: M3745

Memorial at St Mary’s Church, Rotherhithe commemorating Roger Tweedy d. 1655


St Mary's Church, Rotherhithe, London, England


'Roger Tweedy Esq was interred in the middle ile of this church, in the year 1655. He gave by will two shillings every Lords Day for ever, to be distributed among 12 poor seamen or seamen's widows in bread: the officers of this church to take care to distribute it, and those nearest of kin to him to enquire of its disposal; and if not performed according to the will to take it into their hands. In commemoration of Mr Roger Tweedy who living was Landsmen's councellor, seamen's glory, schism's scourge and truth's living story. His soul a ship, with graces fully laded / Through surges deep did plow, and safely waded. / With Principles of Faith his ballanc'd mind / Did steddy sail 'gainst Blasts of boist'rous wind / of doctrine falce which furiously did blow / Like rowling waves, to toss him to and fro / This sayling ship did precious wares distribute / in every port, as the acknowledg'd tribute / of Christ his king, love's crane did weigh the council, contribution he did pay / At Rotherhithe hee did at length arrive / and to the poor his tribute fully give / And in this Port he doth at anchor stay / Hopefully expecting Resurrection's Day'


Type: Wall tablet
Position: North wall
Materials: Black marble
Vessel: George Bonaventure


Tweedy, Roger
Date of Death: 1655
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Privateer


Notes: 1629 Master of the privateer 'George Bonaventure of London'. He left a charitable bequest.
Bibliography: A.E. Daniell 'London's Riverside Churches' (London, 1897) p. 247.