Memorial: M3710

Headstone at St Margaret’s Church, Rochester, Kent commemorating Dr Alexander Younge, RN d. 1821


St Margaret's Church, Rochester, Kent, England


'In memory of / Alexander Younge, M.D. / Surgeon in the Royal Navy / who had completed in A.D. 1805 / faithful maritime service / without example of 45 years. / He had performed his duties in / many naval engagements / chiefly at the capture in A.D. 1780 / of the Spanish Admiral Langara by Admiral Rodney / and in his brilliant victory in A.D. 1782 / won over the Comte de Grasse. / At this time he was surgeon on H.M. Ship 'London’ / and afterwards on the 'Royal Sovereign’ / in the famous battle of the Ist June 1794. / He was a man endowed with many and / conspicuous virtues and was greatly honoured. / On the 28rd Day of February 1821 he was then / suddenly prostrated from haemorrhage of the lungs / from which greatly mourned he died aged 83 years / Also of Amelia Younge.'


Vessel: HMS ‘London’, HMS 'Royal Sovereign'


1780 Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1782 Battle of the Saintes,

Event Category

1775-1783 American Revolutionary War


Younge, Alexander
Age: 83
Date of Death: 23/2/1821
Cause of Death: Infectious disease
Rank / Occupation: Surgeon RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Gravestone not sighted.
Bibliography: Canon S.W. Wheatley 'Historical Notes: Rochester St Margaret' (Rochester, 1996).