Memorial: M3457

Memorial in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands commemorating Matthew Brisbane, sealer and polar explorer d. 1833


Museum, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, Rest of the World


'To the memory / of / Mr Matthew Brisbane / who was barbarously / murdered on the / 26th August 1833 / in the command of the / Beaufoy cutter he was / the zealous and able / companion of Captn / James Weddell during / his enterprising voyage / to beyond the 74th Degree of / South Latitude / in February 1823 / His remains were removed to / this spot by the crews of H.B.M. / ships 'Erebus' and 'Terror' on 2nd August 1842.'


Type: Headstone
Materials: Wood
Vessel: Beaufoy


Brisbane, Matthew
Age: 46
Date of Death: 26/8/1833
Cause of Death: Murdered
Rank / Occupation: Sealer


Notes: Replaced from original location by a marble slab in 1933.
Bibliography: A.G.E. Jones 'Polar Portraits: collected papers' (Whitby, 1992), p113