Memorial: M3454

Memorial at the Palisades Cemetery, Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica commemorating Robert Hamilton, RN, Master’s Mate d. 1795


The Palisades, Port Royal, Jamaica, Rest of the World


'To the memory of Robert HAMILTON, Masters mate of His Majesty's 'Raisonable', son of Robert Hamilton, M.D. of Lynn, Norfolk....Ane, his wife, who in Kingston...Majesty's Service...given him, 20 June 1795, aged 23...He fell a victim to assassins, after near six years service in the Royal Navy, during which, on board the 'Tremendous' he had been a fortunate sharer in the engagements of 29th May and 1st June 1794 between the British and French fleets'


Vessel: HMS ‘Reasonable'; HMS 'Tremendous'


Glorious First of June

Event Date


Event Category

1793-1802 French Revolutionary War


Hamilton, Robert
Age: 23
Date of Death: 20/6/1795
Cause of Death: Murdered
Rank / Occupation: Master's mate
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: Captain J.H. Lawrence-Archer 'Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies' (London, 1875).

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