Memorial: M3342

Memorial formerly in the Cimetière de Vaurigard, Paris commemorating Captain John Wesley Wright RN d. 1805


Cimetière de Vaurigard, Paris, France, Rest of the World


‘Here Lies Inhumed / JOHN WESLEY WRIGHT, / BY BIRTH AN Englishman, / CAPTAIN IN THE BRITISH NAVY, / Distinguished both among his own / Countrymen and Foreigners / For skill and courage / To whom, / Of those things which lead to the summit of glory, /Nothing was wanting but opportunity. / His ancestors, whose virtues he inherited, / He honoured by his deeds. / Quick in apprehending his orders, / Active and bold in the execution of them. / In success modest, / In adverse circumstances firm, / In doubtful enterprises, wise and prudent. / Awhile successful in his career, / At length assailed by adverse winds, and on an hostile shore, / He was captured; / And being soon after brought to Paris, / Was confined in the prison called the Temple, / Infamous for midnight murders, / And placed in the most rigid custody: / But in bonds, / And suffering severities still more oppressive, / His fortitude of mind and fidelity to his country / Remained unshaken. /
A short time after, / He was found in the morning with his throat cut, / And dead in his bed. / He died the 28th October, 1805, aged 36. / To be lamented by his Country, /
Avenged by his God!’


Date Erected: 1816


Wright, John Wesley
Date of Death: 28/10/1805
Cause of Death: Murdered
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Murdered in his sleep in Temple Prison. Tombstone erected by Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith 1816. Wright's grave now lost.
Bibliography: 'London Chronicle' (1 October 1816).