Memorial: M3216

Monument at St Thomas’s Church, Newport, Isle of Wight, commemorating Edward Horsey d. 1582


St Thomas's Church, Newport, Isle of Wight, England


'EDWARDVS QVI MILES ERAT FORTISSIMVS HORSEY / VECTIS ERAT PRAESES. CONSTANS TERRAQ. MARIQ. / MAGNANIMVS PLACIDAE SVB PACIS NOMINE FORTIS / IVSTITIAE CVLTOR, QVAM FIDVS AMICVS AMICO / FAVTOR EVANGELII DELECTVS PRINCIPE VIXIT / MVNIFICVS POPVLO MVLTVM DELECTVS AB OMNI / VIXIT ET VT SANCTE SIC STAMINA SANCTA PEREGIT / QVI OBIIT 23 DIE MARCII / ANNO DOMINI 1582'. [Translation] 'To Sir Edward Horsey, a very valiant soldier, captain of the Wight, who was courageous both by sea and land, brave yet pacific in disposition, and no less a worshipper of justice than a faithful friend, a supporter of the gospel and a man of liberal spirit, who lived esteemed by his sovereign and much loved by his people and he lived holily so he executed holily his particular duties, who died 23rd March AD. 1582'.


Description: Recumbent effigy in armour on rolled mat. Strapwork background. Architectural surround with three achievements at the top.
Type: Monument
Position: East end of south aisle
Materials: Alabaster


Horsey, Edward
Date of Death: 23/3/1582
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Naval commander


Notes: Moved from earlier church on this site, own sword by his side. Photo see National Monuments Record.
Bibliography: 'Dictionary of National Biography'; Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd 'Buildings of England: Hampshire and Isle of Wight' (London, 1996).