Memorial: M3070

Obelisk at Mount Pleasant, Lymington, Hampshire, commemorating Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale d. 1840


Mount Pleasant, Lymington, Hampshire, England


[East side] 'In memory of Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale Baronet G.C.B. & G.C.M.C. of Walhampton in this county who departed this life at Brighton on the 7th February 1840 in the 75th year of his age. This Monument was erected in the 4th year of the reign of Queen Victoria by her Majesty Adelaide the Queen Dowager, Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Gloucester and Princess August, A large circle of Distinguished professional and other friends and the inhabitants of Lymington' [South side] 'The Gallant Admiral in his long professional career honourably distinguished himself in many well fought actions. Under his Orders twenty of the Enemy's Ships of War were taken or Destroyed and the influence of his exalted character kind but undaunted, mild but determined preserved in loyalty discipline and duty the crew of H M Ship the San Fiorenzo when surrounded by disaffection and disloyalty during the critical position of the fleet at the Nore in 1797 for which he was rewarded by the friendship of the Sovereign George the III and by the thanks of the City of London' [West side] 'Sir Harry Burrard Neale represented the Borough of Lymington in many Parliaments during the space of 40 years with zeal and uprightness his anxious desire was ever to do good and to promote the prosperity of his native town' [North side - a long account of his virtues. Unrecorded]


Description: A granite obelisk with inscribed plates on four sides.

Type: Obelisk
Materials: Granite
Artists: George Draper
Vessel: HMS San Fiorenzo


Mutiny at the Nore

Event Date


Event Category

1793-1802 French Revolutionary War


Neale, Harry Burrard
Age: 74
Date of Death: 7/2/1840
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Admiral
Organisation: Royal Navy


Recorder: David Saunders 1983