Memorial: M3044

Memorial at St Margaret’s Church, Lowestoft, Suffolk commemorating James Howard, d. 1665


St Margaret's Church, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England


‘Hic Iacet Corpus Iacobi Howardi Filij / Minimi natu Thomae Comitis Berceriae / qui Iacobum Illustrissimum Eboræensem / D… comitatus est navali bello contra / Ba[tav]os vide industria specimen aliquod / Fortitudinis et in Patriam Pietatis sub ram / Praeclaro Duce exhibeat sed prolor dolor aetatis / Flore ad Amicorum luctum repentina febre / Correptis erat Iuvenis fuit engenio eximius / gloriaeq ab adolesc…cupidiisimus Eoq / quidem omnes naturae dones maxime eniiuerunt / obit die Iunii 7 Anno Aetatis suae 24 A.D. 1665’ [Translation from Latin] 'Here lieth the body of JAMES HOWARD, youngest son of THOMAS Earl of BERKSHIRE who followed the most illustrious Prince JAMES Duke of YORK, in the naval war against the Dutch. Whilst he was anxious to afford some glorious example of his activity, his valour & his love for his Country, and attract the esteem of his Noble Commander, this excellent Youth was (oh! doleful to Relate) suddenly snatched away by Death, in the flower of his age, to the unspeakable grief of his friends- he was a youth of superior parts, and from his most tender years had an insatiable thirst for glory, indeed he greatly excelled others in this gift of Nature-He died the 7th of June, in the 24th year of his Age, anno Dom 1665'


Type: Ledger
Position: Chancel
Materials: Black limestone

Event Date


Event Category

1665-1667 Second Anglo-Dutch War


Howard, James
Age: 23
Date of Death: 7/6/1665
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation:
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: Hugh D.W. Lees 'Chronicles of a Suffolk Parish Church: Lowestoft St Margaret' (Lowestoft 1949).
Recorder: B. Tomlinson 2014 sighted