Memorial: M2973

Gravestone at St Cecilia’s Church, Little Hadham, Hertfordshire commemorating Captain William Harvey RN d. 1807


St Cecilia's Church, Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, England


'In Memory of / CAPTAIN WILLIAM HARVEY / late of the R.N. / Who accompanied that Illustrious / Navigator CAPTAIN JAMES COOK / on his three voyages of / Discoveries, who died July 12th / 1807 Aged 65 Years. / Frequently having observed in the course / of his travels the wonderful works of the / Almighty and the words of Job truly verified /' He stretcheth the North over the / empty place, and hangeth the / Earth upon nothing'


Type: Gravestone
Position: South side of churchyard
Materials: Stone
Vessel: HMS Endeavour


Harvey, William
Date of Death: 12/7/1807
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: 'Clutterbuck's History of Hertfordshire' vol. iv (London, 1895).
Recorder: A.J. Richardson

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