Memorial: M2889

Headstone at St Andrew’s church, Kinson, Bournemouth, commemorating Robert Trotman d. 1765


St Andrew's church, Kinson, Bournemouth, England


'To the Memory of ROBERT TROTMAN / Late of Rond [Round] in the County / of Wilts who was barbarously Murdered on the Shore near / Poole the 24 March 1765 / A little Tea, one leaf I did not steal, / For guiltless bloodshed I to God appeal, / Put Tea in one scale, human Blood in t'other, / And think what 'tis to slay thy harmless Brother'


Type: Headstone
Position: Graveyard north side of tower
Materials: Stone


Trotman, Robert
Date of Death: 24/3/1765
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Smuggler


Notes: Five miles inland from Poole at the then tiny and remote village of Kinson, across Canford Heath,within the Dorset boundary, was in those times a district particularly well affected towards the 'Free-traders'. Robert Trotman lost his life in an encounter with Revenue Officers.

Trotman was believed to have worked for notorious smuggler Sir Isaac Gulliver. He died in the crossfire of an ambush while loading tea in 1765.

Bibliography: Charles George Harper 'The Dorset Coast' (London, 1905) pp.32-4.

Jill Sainsbury, Smugglers in Kinson.
Recorder: F. Turland 1984 Poole Maritime Trust