Memorial: M2880

Memorial in St Andrew’s Parish Church, Kingston, Jamaica commemorating Captain James Renton RN d. 1748


St Andrew's Parish Church, Kingston, Jamaica, Rest of the World


'This stone is placed near the Remains of Captain / JAMES RENTON, to preserve to posterity the memory of that / gallant officer, who was born in Scotland Oct. 1702. / He went early to sea, and by his Experience in Maritime Affairs / was signally useful to the brave VERNON, at the taking of / Porto Bello, where he served as a volunteer & was rewarded wth the / command of a frigate, added to the British Navy by that glorious conquest. / He was Captain of the 'Stafford', when Port Louis was taken by / Rear-Admiral Knowles, March 8, 1748 & mortally wounded in the attack, / dying without regret in the service of his country and in the / arms of victory. / ELIZABETH RENTON, his widow, from duty and affection, inscribed / this, to testify a just sence [sic] of her loss'


Description: Relief of battleship being fired on by fort, other ship in the distance.
Type: Wall monument
Position: South transept, south wall
Materials: Grey and white marble

Event Category

1739-1748 War of the Austrian Succession


Renton, James
Age: 46
Date of Death: 8/3/1748
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: Captain J.H. Lawrence-Archer 'Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies' (London, 1875).