Memorial: M2579

Memorial formerly in Hessle Road Cemetery, Hull commemorating David Collison d. 1864 in the loss of the ‘Spirit of the Age’


Hessle Road Cemetery, Hull, England


'David Collison, / Who was drowned in the 'Spirit of the Age' / off Scarborough, Jan 6th, 1864 Aged 36 years / I cannot bend over his gave / He sleeps in the secret sea; / And ot one gentle whisp'red wave / Can tell that place to me / Although unseen by human eyes, / And mortal knows it not / Yet Christ knows where his body lies / And angels guard the spot.'


Vessel: Spirit of the Age


Collison, David
Age: 36
Date of Death: 6/1/1864
Cause of Death: Vessel loss
Rank / Occupation: Master
Organisation: Unknown


Notes: The cemetery was closed for further burials in 1898 and later cleared as a recreational space.
Bibliography: William Andrews 'Curious epitaphs: collected and edited with notes' (London, 1899) pp. 70-71.