Memorial: M2463

Gravestone in Gunwalloe, Cornwall, of Joseph Dale,  d. 1808


St Gunwalloe, Gunwalloe, Cornwall, England


'Sacred to the memory of Joseph Dale who was drowned in the act of saving another person's life. 8th April 1808 in the 22nd year of his age. When softest pity mov'd his breast / another life to save / Himself alas! a victim fell / to the relentless wave / But tho the mortal part be dead / His spirit lives above / where he may bathe from danger free / in seas of heavenly love'


Position: Churchyard


Dale, Joseph
Age: 21
Date of Death: 8/4/1808
Cause of Death: Maritime Accident
Rank / Occupation:


Bibliography: Cyril Noall and Grahame Farr 'Wreck and rescue round the Cornish coast' vol. iii (Truro, 1964-65).