Memorial: M2415

Ledger in the Royal Naval Hospital Old Burial Ground, Greenwich commemorating Edward Harris, RN d. 1707 captured and sold as a slave by Barbary pirates


Royal Naval Hospital Old Burial Ground (Nurses' Home), Greenwich, London, England


'Here lyeth interred ye body of / Edward Harris Born at Dover / in Kent, Mariner / A man just in his Actions / Kind to his Family / was 18 years a slave in Barbary / & steadfastly kept to ye Church / of England, Serv'd the Government / at sea faithfully / Received His Majs Royal Bounty / of this Hospital / & died in ye Faith of ye said Church ye 27 day of June 1707 aged 75 years Ex Dono II'


Description: Carved in low relief above the inscription, with a skull in profile, a cross staff, anchor, gun and laurel wreath behind.
Type: Ledger
Position: Mausoleum


Harris, Edward
Age: 75
Date of Death: 27/6/1707
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Seaman, Greenwich pensioner
Organisation: Royal Hospital, Greenwich, Royal Navy


Notes: Transcription in PRO 'Greenwich Hospital Memorial Inscriptions' 99618. On floor of mausoleum.

Bibliography: Ceridwen Boston, Annsofie Witkin, Angela Boyle and David R. P. Wilkinson 'Safe Moored in Greenwich tier: A study of the skeletons of Royal Navy sailors and marines excavated at the Royal Hospital Greenwich' (Oxford, 2008) p. 10.

Photographer: Pieter van der Merwe