Memorial: M2219

Statue in Fountain Gardens, Bridgetown, Barbados depicting Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson d. 1805


Fountain Gardens, Bridgetown, Barbados, Rest of the World


'To the Memory of / HORATIO LORD VISCOUNT NELSON, K.B., / Vice-Admiral of the White, / The Preserver of the British West Indies / in a moment of unexampled peril; / The Hero, whose various and transcendent merits, / Alike conspicuous in address, decision, action and achievement, / Throughout his whole unparalleled career of glory, / No powers of language can sufficiently delineate, / THIS STATUE / was erected by / The grateful Inhabitants of Barbados, / on a spot of ground appropriated to it / By the public grant of / The Colonial Legislature. / In accordance with the solicitations of a select Committee, / That so Sincere, though humble a tribute / Of Esteem, Admiration, and Gratitude to their / ILLUSTRIOUS DELIVERER / Might be rendered more congenial / To his generous and exalted spirit, / From the hand of one, / Himself a Hero and a BENEFACTOR to his Country, / The first stone of the pedestal was deposited by / HIS EXCELLENCY LT. GN. SIR GEORGE BECKWITH, K.B. / the Beloved and Patriotic Governor of Barbados, / And Commander of the Forces in the Leeward Islands, / February 24th, A.D. 1813. / Esto Perpetua!'


Description: Figure of Nelson, full-length, in uniform.
Type: Statue
Date Erected: 1813
Artists: Richard Westmacott


Battle of Trafalgar

Event Date


Event Category

1803-1815 Napoleonic War


Nelson, Horatio
Age: 47
Date of Death: 21/10/1805
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Vice Admiral
Organisation: Royal Navy


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