Memorial: M2023

Memorial at St Nicholas’s Church, Deptford commemorating Captain John Turner RN d. 1672


St Nicholas's Church, Deptford, London, England


'MS / Prope hunc Parietem / Deposuit Exuvias Carnis Jo. Turner / Armiger Nauis (cui Titulus Eboracum) / Nuper Strategus / Tho: Turner et Eliz: Vxoris eius / vnicae filiae et haeredis Jo: / Holmden Militis filius Natu Secundus / iliBatae [sic] fidelitatis Erga Regem, / Infractus Assecla / Intemerati Erga Parentes obsequij / Ingens Symbolum / Amicis Suada et Lenocinio Calami / Quam Apprime Gratus, / Et in Omnes Alios, facilis et Vrbanus, / Qui cum In Vtroque Bello Batauico / Et Contra Praedones et Algerinos strenuam / Nauaueret Operam, / Causo Correptus, et Eodem Denuo / Confectus et oppressus / Fortissimam Animam, Deo Transmissit, / Denatus 16 Julij Anno / Salutis Reparatae i672. / Aetat 27:' [Translation] 'Sacred to his Memory. Close to this wall are laid the mortal remains of John Turner, Esquire, Captain of H.M.Ship 'York'. He was the second son of Thomas Turner and his wife Elizabeth, only daughter and heiress of Sir John Holmden Knight. Firm in his fidelity to his king, a remarkable model of unfailing respect and obedience to his parents, and greatly endeared to his friends by the exquisite charm of his correspondence, kind and courteous to all, after good and active service in both the Dutch Wars, and against the Algerine pirate, he was seized with sunstroke, and after a severe illness yielded his brave soul into the hands of God, 1672, in the 27th year of his age'


Description: Inscription tablet, formerly in an architectural surround with arms above within a broken pediment.
Type: Wall tablet
Position: South wall on east pilaster
Materials: Marble
Vessel: HMS York


Turner, John
Age: 26
Date of Death: 16/7/1672
Cause of Death: Sunstroke
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: J. Summerson 'Monuments in St Nicholas Deptford', 'Mariners Mirror', vol. 27, p. 287 (Cambridge, 1941).
Recorder: The Arts Society (NADFAS)