Memorial: M1995

Memorial at St George’s Church, Deal, Kent commemorating Thomas Cundy, Master of ‘Gertrude’ d. 1810


St George's Church, Deal, Kent, England


‘In memory of Thos Cundy of Truro late master of the Gertrude Brigantine, who fell when gallantly defending his vessel from being boarded by a French Privateer off Dungeness on the 19th Oct 1810'


Type: Gravestone
Vessel: ‘Gertrude'


Cundy, Thomas
Age: Unknown
Date of Death: 9/10/1810
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Master


Notes: Naval History of the Present Year, 1810 (Volume 24, July - December 1810, p. 438):
OBITUARY. ... Mr. Thomas Cundy, of Truro, late master of Daniell’s brigantine, the Gertrude. He was killed whilst gallantly defending her against the repeated attacks of a French privateer, off Deal. By his heroic conduct, and that of the mate, Mr.J. Cundy, jun. who was slightly wounded, the Gertrude beat off the enemy, who attempted twice to board, and arrived safe at Sheerness.

Bibliography: John Laker 'History of Deal' (Deal 1917).