Memorial: M1874

Memorial in¬†Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast commemorating Robert Farrell RN d. 1939 in the loss of HMS ‘Royal Oak’


Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast, Northern Ireland


'In loving memory / of / Kathleen Farrell / who died 7th Aug 1932, Aged 19 years / Also her brother Robert / who went down with HMS Royal Oak / 14th Oct 1939, Aged 20 years.'


Type: Gravestone
Vessel: HMS Royal Oak

Event Category

1939-1945 Second World War


Farrell, Robert
Age: 20
Date of Death: 4/10/1939
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Ordinary Seaman
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: HMS 'Royal Oak' sunk by 'U-47' at Scapa Flow.
Recorder: David J. Wickham, 2019