Memorial: M1828

Memorial at Patrixbourne, Kent commemorating Captain Bridges Watkinson Taylor RN d. 1814


St Mary's Church, Patrixbourne, Kent, England


'Sacred to the Memory of Captain Bridges Watkinson Taylor, of the Royal Navy (fifth son of the Rev. Edward Taylor of Bifrons), born, Sept. 25th, 1777. He served with distinguished zeal and credit from the early age of 15 years with little interval until the period of his death, which was caused by the upsetting of a boat off Brindisi in the Adriatic, on the 24th February 1814, whilst he was in command of his Majesty's ship Apollo, and forwarding measures for a projected attack upon the island of Corfu, then in the possession of the French. He was not less conspicuous for the active and gallant manner in which he discharged his duty to his King and Country, than for kindness of heart, benevolence of disposition, exemplary and unaffected piety, and it is remarkable that his meritorious and useful career was closed by a fatal accident from which, under Providence, he had, at the risk of his own life, rescued at various periods of his service, three of his fellow creatures. He had the honour of sharing in the glory of the victories of the 1st June 1794, and the Nile on the 1st of August 1798. On the 18th of the same month, when Lieutenant on board the Leander of 50 guns, he was wounded and taken prisoner in a hard-contested action between that ship and the French ship Genevent of 74 guns. In proof of the esteem and affection born to his memory by the officers of the Apollo, they have erected a monument to him in the church at Portsmouth. This tablet is placed here by his surviving brothers and sisters in testimony of their attachment to a most affectionate and most beloved brother.'


Event Category

1793-1802 French Revolutionary War; 1803-1815 Napoleonic War


Taylor, Bridges Watkinson
Age: 36
Date of Death: 24/2/1814
Cause of Death: Maritime accident
Rank / Occupation: Captain
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Other memorials at Brindisi and Portsmouth.
Bibliography: Rev. W. A. Scott Robinson ‘Patricksbourne Church and Bifrons’, Kent Archaeological Society, vol xiv, 1882
Recorder: See biblio