Memorial: M1699

Monument in Bunbury, Cheshire commemorating George Beeston d. 1601


St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire, England


‘H.S.E. GEORGIUS BEESTON EQUES AURATUS VIRTUTIS ET VERITATIS CULTOR JUVENTUTE BELLICUS ARTIBUS INUTUTUS AB INVICTISSIMUS REGE HENRIES VIII CUM OBSIDERET BOLONIAM IN COHORTUM PENSIONARUORUM COOPTUS MERUIT SUB EODEM REGE EDWARDO VI IN PRAELIO CONTRA SCOTOS APUD MUSCKLEBOROW POSTEA SUB EODEM REGE MARIA & ELIZABTHA BELLIS NAVALIBUS VELUT CLASSE PREFECTUS VEL SUBPREFECTUS AQUA POST PROFLIGATAM POTENTISSIMAM ILLAM CLASSAM HISPAMIXCA 1588 EQUESTRI DIGNITATE ORNATUS EST JAMQUE INGRAVESCENTE AETATE CUM FIDEM PRINCIPIBUS FORTITUDINEM HOSTIBUS EGREGIE PROBASSET DEO GRATUS BONISQUE CHARUS CHRISTUM IN CHRICT A 1602 AETATIS SUAE 99 OBDORMUIT UT IN IPSO MELIUS RESURGAT UNAQUE CUM ILLE REQUIEVAT CHARISSIMA CONJUX ALICIA FILIA THOMAS DAVENPORT DE HENBURY ARMIGERE MATER SANCTISSIMA PUDICISSIMA ET ERGA PAUPERES = QUIAE CUM FACTO MATRIMONIO 66 ANNOS VIXISSET VIROQUE TRES FILIOS JOHANNEM HUGONEM & HUGONEM TOTIDEMQUE FILIAS ANNAM JANAM ET DOROTHEA PEPERISSET ANNO 1591 AET SUAE 80 IN CELESTAM PATRIAM MIGRAVIT CUM CHRISTI AETERNAM VICTURA PARENTIBUS OPTIMIS & CHARES FILII HUGONIS BEESTON JUNIORES ARMIGERI RE...TORIS GRATIS OMNIS REVENTIONEM CORONOE TAM IN COMI: PALATINO QUAM ION COMITATIBUS NORTH WALLIAE H.M.P.’ [Translation] Here lies buried George Beeston, knight, a promoter of valour and truth; having been bro ght up from his youth in the arts of war [he was) chosen one of his company of pensioners by the invincible King Henry the Eighth, when he besieged Boulogne [1544]; he merited [the same] under Edward the Sixth in the battle against the Scots at Musselburgh [1547]. Afterwards under the same King, under Mary, and under Elizabeth, in the naval engagements as captain or vice-captain of the fleet, by whom, after that most mighty Spanish fleet of 1588, had been vanquished, he was honoured with the order of knighthood; and now, his years pressing heavily on him, when he had admirably approved his integrity to princes, and his bravery to his adversaries, acceptable to God, and dear to good men, and long expecting Christ, in the year 1601 and in the 99th of his age, he fell asleep in Him, so that he may rise again in Him with joy. And together with him rests a most beloved wife, Alice, daughter of Thomas Davenport of Henbury, esquire, a matron most holy, chaste, and liberal to the poor, who, when she had lived in matrimony 66 years, and had borne to her husband three sons, John, Hugh, and Hugh, and as many daughters, Ann, Jane, and Dorothy, passed into the heavenly country in the year 1591 and in the 80th year of her age, with Christ for ever to live. The dutifulness of their son Hugh Beeston, esquire, the younger, Receiver General of all the revenues of the Crown as well as in the county palatine of Chester as in the counties of North Wales, set up this monument to parents most excellent and beloved. [Under arch] ‘HUGH BEESTON EQUES AURATUS GEORGII BEESTON EQUITIS AURATI FILIUS MORTALITATIS MEMOR ET SPE CERTA IN CHRISTO RESURGENDI HOER PARENTIBUS SIBI ET GEORGIO BEESTON FILIO UNICO ORDINIS ITIDEM EQUESTRIS JUVENI IMMATURA MORTE PROH DOLAR PREREPIT. MONUMENTUM POSUIT OBIIT HUGO PATER AN. SAL. MDC[...] GEORGIUS AUTEM FILIUS MDCX1’ [Translation] Hugh Beeston, knight, son of George Beeston, knight, mindful of mortality, and in certain hope of rising again in Christ, placed this monument to his parents, himself, and George Beeston an only son, of the same knightly order, a youth, alas! Snatched away by a too early death. Hugh, the father, died in the year of our salvation, 1627, but George, the son, 1611.


Description: Recumbent effigy in armour, on a table tomb carved with three shields of arms. The figure is within an arch flanked by pillars on plinths. An inscription on the back wall with arms above. At the top, pyramids supporting shields of arms, a second inscription between them with armorials above. This inscription tablet set within a border carved with military trophies, a cannon and a ship.
Type: Monument
Vessel: Dreadnought


Spanish Armada

Event Date


Event Category

1584-1604 Conflict between England and Spain


Beeston, George
Age: 99
Date of Death: 1601
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Naval Commander
Organisation: British fleet


Notes: Commanded 'Dreadnought' during Armada campaign 1588.
Bibliography: David Saunders 'Maritime Memorials & Mementoes' (Yeovil, 1996) p. 30.