Memorial: M1650

Statue at St Olave’s, City of London depicting Sir Andrew Riccard d. 1672, Chairman of the East India Company


St Olave's Church, Hart Street, City of London, England


‘Sacred be the statue here raised by Gratitude & Respect / to eternise the Memory of Sir ANDREW RICCARD Knt. A Citizen & opulent Merchant of London. Whose active Piety inflexible / Integrity & extensive Abilities alike distinguished & exalted Him in the Opinion / of the Wise and Good. Adverse to his Wish, He was frequently chosen / Chairman, / of the Honourable East India Company and filled with equal Credit for / eighteen successive Years the same eminent station in the Turkey Company / Among many Instances of his Love to GOD and liberal Spirit towards Man, one as it / demands peculiar Praise, deserves to be distinctly recorded. He nobly left the / perpetual Advowson of this Parish, in Trust, to five of its senior inhabitants. / He died the 6th of Septr. In the Years of our LORD 1672 of his Age 68. / Manet post Funera Virtus .’ [Below] ‘En ANDREAM RICCARDVM Eq. Aur / Civem Londoniensem & mercatorem Splendissimum / Virum Pietatis in Deum Insignis / Probitatis Erga in Deum Insignatis / Probitatis Erga Homines Eximiae / Existimationis apud omnes summae / In negotiis maxime Publicis Agendis sedulitatis indeffessiae; / Societatis Indicae Praesidem, saepius Invitum; / Societatis vero vti vulgo dicitur Turcicae Per octodecim simil Annos Dictatorem Perpetuum / Ad illius itaq/ Memoriam Societati illi praescrtim Pergratam / Monumentam Hoc Ei Honorifice Extruendum / Impensis suis illa ipsa Curavit Societas .’ [Base} ‘Corpus ejas Superiori aedis parte / intra Cancellos / Ab Australi Latere mensae sacrae / Inscripto sub Marmore Depositum est / Ubi Monumentum Hoc / Propter loci Augustias statui non point / Obiit 6to Septembris / Anno Salutis 1672 Aetatis 68’


Description: Statue draped in a cloak and holding a scroll in its right hand.
Type: Statue
Position: North side of nave
Materials: Marble
Artists: John Bushnell [attributed]


Riccard, Andrew
Age: 68
Date of Death: 6/9/1672
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Chairman
Organisation: Honourable East India Company


Notes: Also participated in the Levant Trade and invested in the Caribbean and the Royal Africa Company.