Memorial: M1413

Brass plaque in St Lawrence’s Church, Bradfield, dedicated to Squadron Commander Edwin Harris Dunning RN d. 1917


St Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, Essex, England


'This window and that opposite are to the Glory / of God and in memory of Squadron Commander / Edwin Harris Dunning DSC RN / He was the first officer to land an Aeroplane / successfully on the deck of a ship under way Aug 2nd 1917 / Subsequently killed August 7th 1917 / "He lovede chyvalrye / Trouthe and honour fredom and curtesie / he was a verray perfight gentil knight"'.


Description: The inscription has a border of oak leaves and acorns. The Dunning arms are placed below it and the unofficial badge of HMS 'Furious' and a scene with an aircraft above.
Type: Brass plaque
Materials: Brass, black marble


Dunning, Edwin Harris
Date of Death: 7/8/1917
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Squadron Commander RN
Organisation: Royal Navy