Memorial: M1402

Gravestone at Holy Trinity Old Church, Bothenhampton, Dorset, commemorating Captain Robert Angel RN d. 1868


Holy Trinity Old Church, Bothenhampton, Dorset, England


'Sacred to the memory of / Capt. Robert Angel / who departed this life / January 1868 / aged 69 years / In storm or tempest none more brave / than him who lies in this lone grave / while near him murmering on the shore / the sea he loves he hears no more / Also to the memory of / Alfred / son of the above / who drowned at sea / by the foundering of the ship / Queen of the East / off the Cape of Good Hope / in the 30th year of his age / Not here but in the dark blue sea / he sleeps the good the kind the free / we raise this tomb it shows how dear / he was to all who knew him here'


Description: Carved with foul anchor and crossed flags.
Type: Gravestone
Materials: Stone


Angel, Robert
Age: 69
Date of Death: 1/1868
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Master


Recorder: MT Morton. 18/07/1981