Memorial: M1294

Memorial at Beechey Island, Nunavut, Canada commemorating Thomas Morgan, d. 1854


Beechey Island, Nunavut, Canada, Rest of the World


‘Sacred / TO THE MEMORY OF / THOMAS MORGAN, A.B. / OF H.M. SHIP INVESTIGATOR, / WHO DIED ON BOARD / H.M. SHIP NORTH STAR, / AT BEECHEY ISLAND, / MAY 22ND, 1854, / AGED 34 YEARS / By grace are ye saved through / faith, and that not of yourselves, / it is the grace of God. Eph. Chap II Verse 8.'


Description: George M'Dougall (master of 'Resolute') says that this was erected on Beechey Island as a headboard.
Type: Headboard
Materials: Wood
Vessel: HMS Investigator


Morgan, Thomas
Age: 34
Date of Death: 22/5/1854
Cause of Death: Scurvy
Rank / Occupation: Able Seaman
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Transcript in account of Belcher expedition 1852-4. 'Inscriptions on the Cenotaph in Beechey Island.’

Bibliography: Sir Edward Belcher 'The Last of the Arctic Voyages: being an narrative of the expedition in HMS Assistance under the command of Sir Edward Belcher, CB, in search of Sir John Franklin, during the years 1852-53-54' (London, 1855). 'Further papers relative to the recent Arctic expedition in search of Sir John Franklin and the crews of H.M.S. Erebus and Terror' (HMSO, 1855) p. 63.