Islay, Argyle and Bute, Scotland

Memorial to the loss of the emigrant ship  ‘Exmouth’ 1847, on Islay.

Memorial: M6550
A bronze plaque on a stone cairn within a gated and walled enclosure. A Celtic cross above the plaque and on the gate.

Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Monument in Westminster Abbey commemorating Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Warren RN d. 1752

Memorial: M4793
To the right, Hercules is placing Warren's bust on a pedestal. On the left Navigation with a withered olive branch, is seated on a cornucopia and 'regards the bust 'with a mixed look of veneration and melancholy'.

Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Monument in Westminster Abbey, London commemorating Rear Admiral Richard Tyrrell RN d. 1766

Memorial: M4812
Naval Chronicle' Vol.10.pp 364 'On the top of the monument is an archangel descending with a trumpet, summoning the admiral to eternity from the sea, the clouds moving an separating to discover the celestial light and choir of cherubs, who appear singing praises to the Almighty Creator. The background representing darkness. The admiral's countinance with his right hand to his breast, is expressive of concientious hope, while the position of his left arm appears significant of his seeing something awful and impressive. He appears rising out of the sea behind a large rock, where are placed his arms, with the emblems of valour, prudence and justice. The sea is discerned over the rock at the extremity of sight where clouds and water seem to join. On one side of it an angel has written this inscription 'The sea shall give up her dead and every one shall be rewarded according to his works'. In her left hand is a celestial crown, the reward of virtue and her right hand is extended towards the admiral with a countenance full of joy and happiness. Hibernia, leaning on a globe, with her finger on that part of it where his body was committed to the sea, appears lamenting the loss of her favourate son, in all the agony of heartfelt grief. On one side of the rock is the the Buckingham (the admirals ship), with the masts appearing imperfect. On the other side is a large flag with the trophies of war.'

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Therfield, Hertfordshire, England

Wall tablet in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Therfield, Hertfordshire, commemorating Captain Sackville Turner and Sarah Turner, d. 1774 in the wreck of the ‘Elizabeth’

Memorial: M6232
Above the inscription, a triangular pediment in the middle of which is an urn. Coat of arms at bottom.