All Saints Church, Milford on Sea, Hampshire, England

Window at All Saints Church, Milford on Sea, Hampshire commemorating Admirals Robert Man d. 1813, William Cornwallis d. 1819, John Peyton d. 1809 and Captain John Whitby d. 1896

Memorial: M2718
Red ensign, flying above a shore with the names of the four officers on a surrounding round blue band.

Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

The Nile clumps – trees planted to commemorate the Battle of the Nile 1798

Memorial: M2183
Seventeen clumps of trees remaining of those planted by Charles Douglas, 6th Marquess of Queensbury possibly to commemorate the battle of the Nile.

Bath Abbey, Bath, England

Wall monument in Bath Abbey commemorating Admiral Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton d. 1832

Memorial: M508
Above the inscription, a relief of a weeping female figure, either fame or sorrow, kneeling beside an urn draped with a flag. There is a profile portrait of Bickerton on the plinth of the urn, and navigational instruments beside it.