Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Monument in Westminster Abbey commemorating Captain James Cornewall RN d. 1744

Memorial: M4779
'On the Rock stand two figures, the one represents Britannia under the character of Minerva accompanied with a Lion, the other figure is expressive of Fame who having presented to Minerva a medallion of the Hero, supports it, whilst exhibited to public View. The Medallion is accompanied with a Globe, and various honourary crowns due to Valour. Behind the figures is a lofty spreading Palm-Tree [removed] whereon is fixed the hero's shield or coat of arms together with a Laurel-Tree; both which issue from the naturally barren Rock, as attending to some heroic and uncommon event.' 'In the other cavity is a view of the Sea-fight before Toulon in Basso Relievo: on the foreground whereof the Marlborough of 90 guns is seen fiercely engaged with Admiral Navarro's ship the Real of 114 guns and her two seconds all raking the Marlborough fore and aft'
An Historical Description of Westminster Abbey etc

Shugborough Park, Shugborough, Staffordshire, England

Triumphal arch at Shugborough Park commemorating Admiral of The Fleet, George Lord Anson d. 1762

Memorial: M3996
Two portrait busts stand on sarcophagi within a colonade above the arch, military trophies on a plinth between them. The plinth has a relief frieze of four anchors suspended on a chain and is decorated with the protruding bow and stern of a Roman war galley impying that military success in based on maritime supremacy. The two medallions on the arch celebrate Anson's naval reforms and active service. One is a version of the reverse of the medal struck in 1747 to commemorate the battle of Finisterre and the circumnavigation of 1744.